An exercise for all ability levels with a range of aerobic, weights and body weight exercises to improve overall fitness and strength. Through a range of exercise methods; circuits, kettlebells,swiss ball, boxercise HIIT, free weights and body weight exercises we target the lower, upper, full body and core across the week.

Circuits – Interval training allowing for body conditioning, resistance and aerobic exercise.

Kettlebells – A combination of strength training, mobility, flexibility and cardio vascular endurance.

Swiss ball – Using a ‘big ball’ to improve body awareness, posture, balance and general toning.

Boxercise – A fun whole body workout using gloves and pads.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training giving the body a blast using body weight exercises.

Body Weight Exercises – Builds strength whilst developing long lean muscles combined with a cardio workout.

Come and join us Monday – Thursday 5:30pm -6:30pm


Plot 2- 4 Nile Avenue. P.O Box 5125 Jinja, Uganda

Phone:(256) 0773 570582, 0754 475452